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It’s Carnival time!

On Saturday 9th September, our very own Fred & Den attended the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire’s South American Carnival party, at Paradise Wildlife Park. Longstanding customer Paradise Park has been a customer of ours for

Wimbledon 2017

Today marks the start of the 2017 Wimbledon Tennis Championship and to celebrate this, we thought we’d put together some amazing facts and figures that you can impress your mates with! Did you know

Here comes the Summer!

Summer time officially starts tomorrow, 21st June – ironic really as from this day onwards, the nights start gradually getting shorter! But in astronomical terms, the summer solstice (longest day of the year) falls

Press Packs

What is a press pack? If you are a regular exhibitor, you may or may not know the importance of a professional press pack. If you don’t exhibit at many events, but are looking

UK Printing – the facts & figures

We are now fully into a digital age where almost everyone owns either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – this means it’s now easier than ever to conduct our daily lives online.

Offset print Vs Digital print

When it comes to print, there are 2 types that you need to know about – Lithographic or Digital. Litho printing is also known as Offset printing, which is how we got our name, Elite

Carly’s first blog post!

Hi <waves> to everybody who has taken time to read my post! Firstly I need to apologise for the long post… once I get going, I can’t stop lol I’m normally the one who